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Mine Contamination


Today, 61 states and territories are still contaminated by antipersonnel mines, and 29 are still affected by cluster munition remnants (Oct. 2018). Global levels of contamination are difficult to estimate, especially in countries where conflicts are still ongoing.






























Mine Clearance


About 128 km2 of land was reported to be cleared of landmines globally in 2017. In the same year, nearly 168 000 landmines were destroyed in the context of mine clearance. Additionally, in 2017, a total of 153 000 submunitions were destroyed by clearance around the world from over 95km2 of contaminated area. However, this data does not capture all global clearance because not all numbers are systematically reported.

Mine Contamination 2018 

61 states and territories are contaminated by antipersonnel mines 

Cluster Munition Contamination 2018

29 states and territories are contaminated by cluster munitions remnants

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